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Chi siamo
I am We are Dayfootball
We've been active on social networks for some time, we can say for years, especially on Twitter, where the people can find us and contact us. In recent years we've read all the comments, criticisms and even positive commentes, thanks to this we've now understood what the main doubts about us are. Thanks to these doubts we've built our "About Us". Here we've collected a series of points that we trust will make us understand better who we are. We want also anticipate that these points are not dug in stone and may change in the future, we are a group of people and as such we evolve, and with us also Dayfootball evolves.
We are a us, not a me
Many people think that we are a single person and some have even mocked us for our way of speaking, so we understand that the motivation behind our "we" is not clear. Well, Dayfootball is not a person, Dayfootball is a group. Born from one person, then became 2 with the collaboration of the company that invested in us, later developers and graphic designers and finally a social media manager joined. That's why we write "we", because what we write is merit (or demerit, we leave the judgment to you) of the work of a group. As in football, trophies are won and lost as a team, not as an individual.
What do we do?
We try to make every effort to publish information starting from our little news. Initially we were only talking about the Juventus transfer market, but recently we upgraded by starting to talk about deeper football topics (Football Leaks, Superleague, Sportwashing), always working to seek truth, not popularity. The information starts from us, it starts from direct contacts, but this is nothing, they are exchanges of words between friends and business partners. From this begins the work, we start the search on the web, we start the search among the news and cross-checking with other people, and if these steps confirm the original info then we publish. In short, we inform ourselves after the topic is suggested to us and if we are sure it's true we share it.
We are not inseders
Twitter is a place where, in the last period, every account that claims to have news about a football team is tagged as an insider and some of them define themselves as such. You can find those who say they are a member of the club, those who are friends with managers, who are friends with footballers, and so on. Some of these people are too, but others do it more because that's what they want to be ("wannabe") and often share personal thoughts or reasoning as news. Since these people are often trusted in the initial moments and then it turns out that it is different, those who follow them feel cheated, which is why people label everyone as insiders (and often even those who really know them). Precisely for this reason we specify that we are not insiders. We have created some contacts over time with which we can work but 90% of the work we do directly, we do not have a label stuck on us but only a passion for football and an allergy to fake news. If you want to say who you are, sometimes you can also say what you are not.
Use the face!
Another strange equation used on social media is: if you don't use your face then you are a liar. So this also applies to us and for that reason, this is a point of who we are. We can't use the face. We cannot use it because we are a team and the name of the project is Dayfootball. We cannot use it because the first dialogues, dialogues from which our arguments are born, come from private environments that have a normal life, basically normal people who want their privacy to be respected. We cannot use it because for us the news is the face, we work to talk about that, not about us. We also have a small side note, over the years we have learned and studied, and we can guarantee that if a professional uses his face he almost always does it to increase his reputation and often it is the professional who gives news "built" just to make up the numbers , so the face-truth equation is not always true.
Information and communication must be divided
Our battle that convinced us to create Dayfootball has faith in information as its goal. The battle we are talking about is the one against those who do information by profession but communicate for personal interests. Often some news was reported to us as untrue, even if disclosed by professionals, news that were forgotten by everyone. All this, after a while, shocked us and made us believe that creating a project where to show the truth was what we could do in our own small way. We are this because we have lived, and are living, in an era of communication and not of information.
The truth is only in official releases
Finally, a point that many contest us, the continuous clarification that we are not the truth and that the truth is only in official statements, both in football and in the rest. Those who contest us do it to compliment us, because he trusts us based on what he has seen over time and considers it a boring repetition, now obvious. It is right! This is why we write it here, so instead of repeating it we can direct people here and give them the opportunity to understand who we are, what we do and how!
Sorry for the english
We love the transparency and we know our english is not perfect, is not perfect beacuse this a project that start from Italy but the goal is divulgate the content in the US and the primary language is not english.