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9 years of history

The official end of a page in the history of Italian football ends with Cristiano Ronaldo making fans happy

The day that every Juventino feared, and expected, like a liberation came at 16.53 on Sunday 02.05.2021, in the Sassuolo-Atalanta match, a match which sanctioned the mathematical victory of the Scudetto at Inter. Scudetto in the hands of those who started it all 3,282 days ago, Antonio Conte.

Destiny likes to play, we know, but today we are writing to pay homage to an era that has already become history and will soon become a legend (because the importance of what has happened in these 9 years has yet to be seriously narrated), a series of records that are unlikely to come equaled or beaten, in this a "THANKS" to all those who actively participated including the fans.

There would be so many things to say and how it came to an end (even if it's inevitable like all life cycles) but it isn't time for reflection, for that we will update in a couple of weeks.

After the epilogue of the championship, the season has to be "saved" by winning a Champions League position and the next two games will be decisive for planning future club plans (apart from the final of the Italian Cup).

On Sunday, the champion, Cristiano Ronaldo, took care of putting back a too shaky season but this isn't enough, we hope that in the next games we can glimpse the pride of players who are champions but who perhaps have lost too much self esteem.