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Juventus, revolution is the goal but you need the right sales

The will of the Juventus club is to sell and aim to renew the squad, for this reason many names are under discussion, including some stars.

In this article we talk about the transfer market under the least exciting aspect for the fans but fundamental for any club: the transfers. Fundamental from the technical point of view to free up places in the team and from the economic point of view by increasing the spending portfolio for purchases (and in some cases decreasing management costs, for example salaries). We will make an analysis of the situations to date (March) which for obvious reasons, especially with regard to sales, are even more delicate.

As mentioned last time, the situation is not as solid as many think. Starting with Buffon, not sure yet to renew, even if it is more on the yes than not. Perhaps it is true that, among the many thoughts that pass in the brain of the champion, there may also be the thought that pushes him to still feel competitive but he has reached the age of 43 and is still in business and perhaps he also knows what to do the second. goalkeeper in Juventus is a great achievement. Szczesny instead, as also mentioned in the article on purchases (here you can find the article: https://www.dayfootball.us/article/2021/28/03/a-little-bit-of-Juventus-2021-transfers), could be sold for a figure of 40 million upwards, without excluding lower offers, even 35 million. He also has many fans in England, such as Manchester United who could (conditionally) think of him to replace De Gea. Then there is Perin, the goalkeeper is happy in Genoa and would like to stay but he could return to some exchange if the opportunities come.

Here, however, the only true non-transferable, today, is De Ligt. For Alex Sandro we can say that with the right offers, and exchanges, he could leave the team, to insert new players (with Marcelo and Gosens in the list of candidates). With him also Demiral who, although a player that Juventus does not sell for a while, is not considered so non-transferable. Frabotta, on the other hand, is a pure future capital gain, a material that the Bianconeri take into great consideration. While Chiellini is grappling with a possible renewal but, today, it is more no than yes. De Sciglio could be part of an operation with Lyon, the defender is doing well in France and Aouar is among the important goals of Juve, and Aouar plays in Lyon. For Rugani the loan in Cagliari and finally on Pellegrini could be confirmed, the company is evaluating what to do but without taking a position for now.

In this department there are the biggest problems and with them also the heaviest salaries, not only for the quantity but for the expense/performance ratio in the field. Some have important salaries and are difficult to place but even here, if offers were to arrive, including exchanges, many would leave. Ramsey, for example, has already received offers from the Premier, Rabiot also likes him very much in England and Raiola is working hard for a transfer of Bernardeschi. These are the company's sales wishes and attention to a possible offer above 30 million for Bentancur, also no longer considered non-transferable. For Douglas Costa, on the other hand, the rumors that he would return to Brazil are true.

Here, however, there could be a real revolution. Morata could remain but more likely with a renewal of the loan. Ronaldo has not yet clearly defined his will but there is a proposal on the table for a two-year contract extension at half salary. On Ronaldo, today, however, there are no strong signs that see him out, but we must consider that a player like him if he wants to move he does it without problems. While the Dybala chapter is a very complex speech, the only absolute certainty, as in the two previous transfer sessions, is that the company has put it up for sale and that it does not want to extend the contract on the player's terms, we will see if it will be the the right summer perhaps to make an exchange/capital gain operation like that of the Pjanic operation.

To date, however, it is difficult to give certainty, for example, without a place in the Champions League, not only purchases but also sales would change. However, we anticipate that it will be an even more complex session than the previous one and with the difficulties that all the teams are facing, we refer to the words of DS Paratici last summer "we will need a lot of imagination" and we add that it will also take luck to complete all the project in mind. To be realistic to be able to place more than 5 players would be a feat worthy of a great manager we will see what happens.