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A roller coaster Serie A final

Two days before Juventus died, one day before Juventus steals and then Juventus risks qualifying for the Champions League

Today we write with the penultimate match just passed, the last day of a very surreal championship, not only for the pandemic situation, that is still there afflicts, but also because Juventus aren't in this "critical" position for 9 years and, to tell the truth, with unexpected hopes of Champions placement which until a few hours ago were practically close to zero (now, however, only hopes remain).

Football is weird and unpredictable and in one season in which Pirlo's formation reached peaks of mediocrity unthinkable is still clingingto the "vital" fourth place to give a turn (of economic liquidity) to a future which appears to be very cryptic and obscure.

As you know we never give our personal judgment, but analyzing the numbers and statistics it's true that what could happen would be isn't the real, the team has shown other this year, but in the sport wins who does better (in this case at the level of points) and if Juve will score more points than Milan (only opponent who could fall), then Juve will have had the credit for qualify.

In all this there is to be played the final week of the season that would make a year full of less bitter difficulty (two trophies won are always a great booty) e to reiterate that despite the empty passage, Juve is always there especially in view of the future, which is still very nebulous especially for final decisions at team and management level.

We don't run after the rumors that every day follow and contradict each other, who follows us knows, we have information that we already have disclosed but that according to the current situation of uncertainties can be overturned. We just tell you don't believe today's rumors but have patience for another ten days and you will know more clear what will happen. Now more than ever for Wednesday "winning is not important, it's the only thing that matters" and for Sunday #finoallafine.