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Superleague - UEFA's public enemy

The case that has outraged the world of football is only the beginning of a European football revolution that has shown the hypocrisy of football

Hi guys and girls (because we don't write from Qatar, a country where women are prohibited from entering the stadiums, country where live the new president of the ECA, a person idolized by Ceferin).
The tsunami has receded and the time has come to take stock of what has happened in these few days.

Nothing is finished
In 2021, the media are managing the game. Football is followed above all by a high average age and, comparing the interests of this target, it can be seen that this group of people still give too much confidence to the classic press. For this reason it's believed that the Superlega is dead. In reality, analyzing the facts, we have 12 of the most important clubs in European football that decide to breakaway from UEFA to make their own competition, so the same clubs no longer feel protected by the current UEFA concept.

This is what UEFA knows and now it will have to contend with them, which is why in the future we will start to change European football, because football is done by clubs, not UEFA. The Superleague didn't die the other day but was born the other day. Perhaps it will change its name, it will adapt the format, it will take longer but the Superleague was born on April 20, 2021, when the whole world considered it dead, only that from now on the battle will be played mainly in other rooms and not in front of microphones.

UEFA's position remains delicate
The 12 clubs that participated in the Superleague idea are the same clubs that have the most following, so it's the clubs that create a high TV rights value. Not only that, having a bigger fanbase, if they decide to use their media power against UEFA, it would be easy for them to damage UEFA's image. One of the reasons why UEFA won in the media these days is precisely because the Superleague didn't use the right communication, it came out of the shadows without working on it.

For these reasons, UEFA have now pay attention to how these the dialogue with this clubs. If it were to punish them severely, as football ethics wants, they could decide to break the pace to really become a Superleague now because, unlike what is said around, legally all clubs are still bound by contracts. On the other case, if they don't punish them at all, there would no longer be any credibility for UEFA which in these days is carrying out a real political campaign to save its image. Ceferin and his associates are trying to use media power, including the fans.

UEFA is the first not to think about football
Do you know why the 12 clubs decided to think for themselves? Maybe you have been too busy defending the beauty of football that you havn't noticed, so we'll take care of it:

  1. UEFA decides the match schedule on its own, forcing clubs and players to play dozens of matches in just a few days. Players are humans.
  2. UEFA collects the money, and a lot of it, but only shares a small part with the teams. Football is made by the clubs but the TV rights are collected by UEFA and then decide for itself how much to give to the clubs.
  3. UEFA and FIFA use the image and performance of the players in organizing the matches but the investments, debts and costs are of the clubs.
  4. Financial Fair Play not only makes no sense for how it was designed and will soon be lightened, but it'sn't respected by some of the clubs close to UEFA and FIFA for the organization of the World Cup in Qatar. it's no coincidence that Manchester City and PSG were pardoned, both in the violation of the FFP and in the bribery judgments as the owner of the PSG. Clubs don't like this.
So, analyzing the issue raised in recent days, it can be said that UEFA has put the battle on the level of solidarity and that football is the game of the people but in reality it's the first to have its hands dirty with power, corruption, money and violation of human rights.

The hypocrisy of clubs, players, fans and excluded institutions
This story has shown everyone, once again, how much hypocrisy there is in the world of football and we will explain it to you by points:

Here the concept is very simple: UEFA makes billions, its executives are famous for not being very good people but despite everything they had the courage to say that leaving UEFA was a crime in football because the Superleague was for the rich and not for meritocracy.
Why hypocrisy?

  • Because UEFA has created wild cards for the new Champions League format, a wild card that allows clubs not to be excluded even if they havn't qualified for sporting merits.
  • Because in the Champions League the teams have to invest millions to play (see the case of Atalanta who had to renovate the stadium), so they are the first to discourage small clubs with little money to make a career in Europe.
  • Because UEFA acts as if it's the head of the clubs and the clubs are their employees, so it cannot say that it does it for football because football is the fans, UEFA cannot decide for them what is right and what isn't.

The players
Some of the most popular players (and even coaches) on the football scene have taken a stand against the Superleague but the real problem is that they have done so by saying "football is for fans". Admirable thought, really, but only if to say it would be a coach of a local team who does it as a hobby while during the day he breaks his back at work for example. Even the players struggle, no doubt, but they do it with millions in their pockets and media protection for their strange life.

The players are the first to live in a paradise built around them, a paradise that is covered by the same clubs that pay them millions. If they want to follow up on their words why not help the clubs by reducing their salary? Or, if they do it for the people, why don't they use their money to make the stadium free? Only a few players do things for the people and those few do it without telling the whole press.

The clubs
By club we mean those clubs that have been cut out of the Superleague. Yes, because if you notice, the only people who criticize the Superleague are people linked to the clubs who would lose money and power because they were out of the Superleague. Smaller teams that sell their players for more just because the other teams are big, or companies that earn some of the money that big clubs bring thanks to the TV rights that are shared and that would not exist without them. Charity is a beautiful thing, we don't criticize it, but if you live thanks to charity at least have the good sense not to bite the hand that feeds you.

The fans
They've been teased, a lot. The Superleague is a thing for the rich, this is true, but UEFA and FIFA are the same thing. Superleague or not, things don't change. So, if a fan were really a fan, he should be outraged by real things. Hearing football is from the people defending UEFA is an act of hypocrisy.

The football of the people is that of the pitches of the neighborhood, so why not defend the local teams by paying the ticket to see the matches? Simple, because there are no Ronaldo or Messi playing. Moreover, the active fans were the English ones, the same fans who enjoy the current Premier League that was born in the same way that the Superleague was born, indignant and rebellious they only said "world, the Superleague is wrong only because we don't know how it's the Premier League was born".

The power of European football is in the hands of the Arabs
After the birth of the Superlega, the president of the ECA Andrea Agnelli resigned to follow the Superlega, but a few days later his place was taken by Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, owner of PSG, PSG who violated the FFP (for example obtained a contract worth 100 million from Arab funds, practically his own, when its real value estimated by the UEFA investigations was 5 million).

The current presidency of the ECA is in the hands of those who bypass the rules, pump the market with a lot of money because they are rich and they are very attached to the UEFA executives because they have allowed them to circumvent the system.

Control of FIFA is in the hands of Infantino. Infantino is also the promoter of strange activities and ideas related to the Qatar World Cup. For example, he wanted to increase the number of participating teams in the 2022 World Cup, which would have meant an increase in games, therefore more money.

The world championship in Qatar is also tainted by investigations and accusations of corruption of some FIFA members but, strangely, the World Cup has never been questioned.

UEFA, well, with the cases and investigations related to the FFP of PSG and Manchester City speaks for itself: it's jelly and flab with the Arabs who bring money, and many.

Returning to the Superleague, however, it can be seen that the 3 clubs that have always opposed the idea of ​​the Superleague in the media are 3: Manchester City, PSG and Bayern Munich. Manchester City has also entered it but, rumors say it was a bit like the Trojan horse, while PSG has always declared itself out. Coincidentally, the same 2 clubs linked to the events described above and, again by chance, this story allowed the PSG president to be publicly rewarded with the appointment to the presidency of the ECA for meritocracy. As for Bayern Munich, however, at least half of its sponsorships come from Qatar.

UEFA controls the clubs
We don't have to dwell much here, we have already introduced the discourse and because events speak for themselves. Ceferin behaved like a dictator, going on TV and apologizing, declaring that he forgave by taking the role of the judge, implying that he will decide who will be close to him and who isn't but, above all, he hasn't given any opportunity to expose. the facts to the promoters of the Superleague deciding that it was evil without giving them any chance.

There isn't. We told you in 2020 what happened using football leaks documents, we told you about the last days when everyone was saying everything about the Superleague, we shared our feelings that then became reality a few hours later and now we tell you to follow the events, there the truth cannot be hidden. The rest is all in the running, there is no conclusion.

As for us, in these days we have talked a lot about the subject, we have also become repetitive, so now let's change the subject a bit, if we know or notice something interesting you can see it on our Twitter profile, now let's go back to talking about ours: Kaio Jorge is a profile on which Juve has increased interest.