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Fall of Giants

After years of national domination, an internal earthquake broke out

The past week will remain in history as "the interrupted coitus of the SuperLeague", SuperLeague born and deceased within 48 hours (we specify: apparently dead). Not only that, it will also be remembered as the season of the Juventus collapse, because after a decade Juventus risks being left out of the next qualification for the Champions League.

Yesterday's result (Fiorentina-Juventus 1-1) is much deeper than one can imagine for many, it seems a sort of surrender to the fight, a match that highlighted all the technical discomfort (and not only) that the team is facing from the beginning of the season.

Unlike what you think, it's not only the sporting results that are collapsing but the whole apparatus that part of the management (never so in crisis as in the last week), with Paratici still in doubt and Agnelli no longer stable at the control (and consequently Nedved).

To this is added, of course, the technical guide again questioned in the third year in a row, this time with Pirlo, in the space of a few days (that we know for the moment) take off the bench by Massimiliano Allegri, ever closer to returning to the leadership of the team.

The evaluations are underway and we would not be surprised by sudden changes in order to save a season that was never thought to be wrecked so much (even if it would be a decision that could be defined as extraordinary for Juventus politics).

The players first and foremost the number one, CR7, seem disoriented in the field and in the head, they no longer seem to be in a technical project and this seems the worst aspect of all. Now the earth is shaking and we will see how the team will react at the final crossroads.