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A little bit of Juventus 2021 transfers

In March it is too early to have the answer to everything, especially in a year in which there are many doubts starting from qualification for the Champions League but in the meantime we are creating a start point for the summer.

In this article we try to help the many fans who are passionate about the transfer market, especially for the summer session, period with more negotiations. Writing in March is very difficult for the transfer market because a negotiation can stop in 10 minutes, imagine what can happen months later. Especially the big clubs work on the negotiations well in advance and to close them in the summer.

Think to the future of the Juventus
First of all it is important to know one thing: more than ever this summer will serve to build the basis for the successes of the next few years. Path already started for some time with the priority to signing promising young people (Kulusevski, and McKennie among others) and the idea is always this.

Paratici si the man...for the moment
As we know today it will be the current DS Fabio Paratici who will set up and define the strategies of the Juventus market and on his notebook there are familiar names since last summer. This position, however, is not so sure and it will also depend on him, whether or not he wants to renew the contract because, today, the management will be reconfirmed and, with them, Pirlo too.

Update April 26, 2021: Pirlo's position is no longer so secure even when the objectives are reached, the securities are wavering on all sides and is no longer to be excluded Allegri

But now let's get started.

In this department, apart from Buffon who has to decide whether to continue a year, if an important offer arrives for Szczesny (an offer of at least 40 millions), Donnarumma remains as the main target and for now he has not yet renewed his contract with Milan.

Here the full-back knot is the priority, especially for the left. Today the names most appreciated by the Juventus management and names with which they had already spoken since last year are Marcelo and Gosens. Together with them, Emerson Palmieri remains as an alternative.
For Marcelo everything is linked to the engagement, the real knot of the negotiation ever. For Gosens, on the other hand, the good relations with Atalanta are taken into consideration.

Eh ... the real department to work on is just that! The real problem of the team and, for this reason, the few economic resources and efforts will focus here. The main targets are Pogba (the Pogback is a management dream), Aouar and Locatelli. Here they also tell us not to discard De Paul as an alternative, which they like. The new concrete name is instead Van de Beek of Manchester United, Juventus had been on this name for some time but now they are seriously evaluating the profile even if it isn't the priority.

Here there may be revolutions in case of important goodbyes (some even unpleasant).
The names that are concrete today are: Icardi, a profile that has always been admired by Paratici, as was Chiesa. Depay, a player who is to be considered an opportunity at parameter 0 but not a priority for now. Ansu Fati, the young man is very popular and above all he would be perfect for setting up a capital gains exchange negotiation as was the case for the Arthur-Pjanic exchange. Milik, who had already signed with Juventus last year and then moved elsewhere, the player continues to want to play in a top club. Finally, the last name that is concrete is Moise Kean.

Update April 22, 2021: The interest (already explained in August 2020) has now become concrete!

Tutto il resto é noia
Quoting this famous verse we can say that the other names that are spoken of to us don't turn out to be concrete negotiations. Some are names with high age and engagement, others would be too important investments that the company cannot afford now, other profiles have other priorities etc. But despite this, as those who follow us now know, we are not the bearers of the absolute truth, so different things can happen that we don't know. We too, like everyone, don't give anything for real until the signature.

We deliberately mentioned the incoming market but everything will depend on the outgoing market that we will illustrate in the coming weeks and on the results of the championship.
We reiterate these are the names everyone will arrive today, someone or none this does not depend on us. Together we will see the evolution of the scenarios day by day. The project from the names is of simple interpretation: young and experienced to return to the roof of Italy and seek the European ascent.